Nycole Turmel is a poet

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. . . . . . . but she don’t know it

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NDP leader Turmel was up in the Commons to put a  poetic spin on Peter MacKay’s incredible Gander fish story.


“Once upon a time,

there was a minister,

He woke up one morning

To go fishing in Gander.

But he had to come back,

to go to a newser,

He called a ‘copter,

And into the basket he climbed,

To get into the chopper.

He made up a fairy tale,

To provide the cover.

How the story ends,

Canadians all wonder.


Poet laureate she is not;

Tho’ it showed some  thought,

But not enough to inspire  Harper, who simply blurted “the minister said that his use of the government aircraft was for government business, and that clearly was the case.”

Poetry it was not, but it beat MacKay’s crazy fish story.






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